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Ordering information:

Due to the thousands of different cabinet box configurations that we offer, and the ability to modify each module, we require orders to be completely filled out on our order form using the right nomenclature. Phone orders will not be accepted. By reviewing the order form explanation below, using proper catalog nomenclature and our order form, you can prevent any miscommunication with us, and be assured you will receive the components that you require for your installation. Fax completed order forms to (801) 292-2762 or email it to acc@alphacabinet.com. After we receive you order form, it will be processed, (usually within 48 hrs) at which time you will receive a confirmation with a cabinet list, any applicable taxes, any hardware costs or other services we are providing and/or a shipping price, along with your door and drawer front size list if you requested one. However, pricing your order on the order form will allow you to bid from the catalog and know your costs earlier in the order process. Please review the cabinet list for accuracy and specifics such as edge-banding color # or wood specie, drawer material, drawer slide type and whether we are supplying the hardware or not before signing the confirmation. What you approve on the cabinet list and confirmation is what you will receive.

Explanation of the order form:

Please fill out the order form completely to insure that you will receive the correct components.

  • List job name, your confirmation/invoice will reference this name.
  • Date the order form.
  • Fill in the company and contact information.
  • Fill in shipping information if required. A destination zip code is necessary to provide a freight quote!
  • If this is a residential delivery or you need a lift-gate to offload your pallet at its destination, please list these services in the comment section. (8′ pallets cannot be lift-gated).
  • Check any hardware that you would like us to provide.
  • Special Instructions – unusual requirements or custom specifications that will apply to the cabinets.
  • Reveals – Specify the reveals that will apply to each of the different cabinet types.
  • Specify cabinet box material including the face, core (Particle Board, MDF, Plywood, etc.) and back. If the majority of your job is white melamine but you have a few wood veneer or colored melamine interior cabinets plese be sure to designate the material (wood specie or melamine color and manufacturer) after the cabinet nomenclature on the cabinet list page, per line item.
  • Specify cabinet box edge-banding; PVC color number or wood specie & thickness. If you have more than ONE color of banding in a job, please separate the order on individual order forms for each PVC color or wood veneer specie. Please do not mix more than two banding colors (PVC) or veneer species on a single order form.
  • Specify adjustable shelf material and edge-banding; PVC color number or wood veneer specie & thickness.
  • Specify drawer box and/or roll out type & material. You may designate different materials and drawer slides for each on the same order form.
  • Specify drawer slide type for drawers and roll outs regardless of whether we are supplying them or not so we can size the drawer appropriately and bore the cabinet side for the slide. All slides were not created equal. Many have different and specific hole patterns.
  • If we are doweling finished ends for you, please indicate the material of them as well as the edge-banding that you would like on them.
  • If doors, drawers fronts and/or applied end panels are required, specify face material, core and backer material, grain options (vertical/horizontal if applicable), an edge banding PVC color # or wood specie and thickness.
  • List the cabinet boxes required. The correct nomenclature is very important, you will find it attached to the file. List cabinet dimensions – width (W) x height (H) x depth (D). Select if any of the sides are finished. Specify the hinge location and the quantity of adjustable shelf if applicable. Be sure to note any additional information on the comment section, fixed shelf (with dimension from either top or bottom of box), non-standard drawer configuration and sizes, etc. The more information we have regarding your custom box the more accurate the estimate will be.
  • After you finished listing all you cabinets, please fill in the total number of pages, so we can make sure we received the correct amount.