Assembly Options

There are two options for assembling our components. The first is with confirmat screws, this is the quickest and easiest way to assemble boxes since there is no need to glue or clamp the box. All of our components come pre-drilled for a 7 mm x 50 mm confimat screw. The confirmat does a superior job of joining any 3/4″ panels to each other although it requires construction bore holes through the side panels and the screw head remains exposed. The second option is to use wood dowels. Because the dowel goes only half way into the material at both ends, this option is commonly used to assemble a cabinet where a finished end is required. However, doweling requires glue and clamps to complete the joinery. (see finished ends)

Adjustable Shelf Pins

The adjustable shelf pins hold the adjustable shelf in place. They come in many different colors (white, black, clear, chrome etc.) to complement the different box interior colors. If your job requires a specific type of shelf pin such as a clip to lock the shelf in place or standards and brackets for commercial applications, just let us know, we can accomodate your specifications.

Door Hinges

Many types of door hinges are available from different manufacturers.
Our boring system is based upon a flush, full overlay concealed hinge, unless you tell us otherwise.
The hinge is a two part system; the hinge mounting plate which mounts in our specific plate holes in the cabinet side, and the actual hinge that mounts to the door and clips onto the plate.
There are a variety of hinges, depending on the degree of opening requirement for the specific door, they range from -45 to 170 degrees. Additionally, there are specialty hinges for blind corners, 45 degree corners, interior 90 degree bi-fold, flip-up, tilt-out tray hinges, most of which will accommodate a soft close device.

Drawer File Rails

We base our file drawer heights and widths on two types of hanging file rail systems; Kine Flex and Pendaflex. If you are using a system other than ours, please let us know what height the drawer boxes need to be to accommodate your system. Our standard drawer construction (3/4″ upset bottom) will not work with hanging file rails, which is why we have designated cabinet nomenclature for file ready boxes. Both use an applied bottom rather than a dadoed bottom for the additional interior height required for clearance of the file folder tab at top of both drawers. The file drawer cannot be used for storage as the bottom will not support the weight of a dadoed drawer construction. The minimum width for a letter and legal size file drawer using Kine Flex rails are 17″ and 20 ” respectively. The minimum width for a letter and legal size file drawer using Pendaflex rails are 16 1/2″ and 19 1/2″ respectively. If you have a drawer that you intend on using for files, please designate it with an F in the nomenclature of that box; D3DF – 16 1/2 = desk three drawer 16 1/2 wide where the bottom drawer is a minimum width letter size file drawer.

Drawer Slides

There are many different types of slides on the market today, at a wide range in cost. They come in 3/4 extension, full extension, light duty, heavy duty, side mount, under-mount, self closing, soft closing, touch release, etc. All slides are not created equal!
The manufacturers use a wide variety of hole patterns which we must adjust our boring programs for in the cabinet side for each length and model of slide to accommodate the closing devices and such.  We need to know what slide you intend to use on your job whether we are supplying them or not. The widths of the drawer boxes are also specific to the slide model. Please be specific as to the make and model # of slide that you intend to use or it will not work in the system holes that we provide. We will not accept any responsibility for incorrectly written programs that are based on information provided by the customer. The hole pattern must be specific and drawings from the manufacturer with exact hole locations will be required!


There are a large variety of accessories for cabinets and drawers; Pull outs, organizers, storage bins, wire dividers, lazy susans, waste containers, etc. from many different manufacturers.
Rev-a-shelf is a major supplier of these accessories, click on link below to select the required accessory and size your cabinet accordingly. We will not be responsible for designing your cabinets to fit your accessories. Please study the dimensions carefully before sizing the cabinet to list on your order form and take into consideration the clearance for the door hinges. If you need us to write programs to accommodate your accessories, you will be charged according to the difficulty and the number of programs required to accomplish the task.